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The sale of a home can be a stressful time, or it can be exciting.  Here are some points to think about when considering selling your home. 

Have you thought about questions you want to ask? Any question you have is an  important one for an agent to answer so right them down and DONT be afraid to ask.  Open communication with whatever agent you are working with is very important.  How you communicate is just as important as what information you need. Every person is different and you may prefer a phone call, you might like to have everything written in an email or talking might tough at times and a text's work best for you. This also goes the same way for the agent so being clear on how you communicate upfront will help your sale move along smoothly. Image title

Did you know that many Real Estate Firms operate differently? There are huge National Firms, Smaller Regional Business's and Boutique Companies. Even with these style of operations there is diversity. With a firm you may have single agents doing business on their own, you may have large teams with sales agents, listing agents, and transaction administrators, or maybe a small team with 2 or 3 people to always help each other out.  This info is important because it will let you know who you can expect to deal with for all the aspects of your sale. 

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How much does using an agent cost? This is one question that can be difficult to answer because there are a lot of variables.  Make sure your agent covers as many of those variables upfront when possible. Most of the larger fee's and associated cost can be given upfront but the final sales price will have an impact on those numbers. In Florida we use title companies for the closing and many will provide an upfront estimation. A national average places closing cost outside of the sales commission at 2%-4%, which can  include the title expenses, real estate taxes, and processing fees.  Some other things that can change or impact the net proceeds are Home Repairs (inspection findings), Staging, Pre-Sale Inspections and buyer's closing cost assistance. 

The most important question is often WHAT IS MY HOME WORTH. Make sure there is sound reasoning when setting the Listing Price of your home. Market data is key to leverage when marketing and or negotiating the sale of your home. This will allow for reasonable expectations to be met among other obstacles an agent may encounter. Click the BELOW for a quick check of your homes value

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The Real Estate Market can be difficult to navigate. As licensed Real Estate agents the info and assistance provided can be invaluable in the process to a seller. 

So hit the ground running with this up to date info in hand! Stop by and like my Facebook page for ongoing info as well @smithrealtytampabay

Happy House Hunting!

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