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Dated: 10/06/2018

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There are many people who strive to become a homeowner but let their financial fears stop them from achieving that goal. Many people think that their credit is not good enough or they do not have enough income/savings. While a part of that might be true, that does not mean that is the circumstance forever. Everything worth having in life takes effort and patience. The first step to work on becoming a homeowner is to get prequalified. A prequalification is a letter you will receive from a lender stating how much of a monthly payment you qualify for. Now, I know you are thinking "But I will not qualify", and I have to stop you there and say that you do not know unless you try. I have seen many circumstances where people think they do not qualify but they actually do. Every situation is unique. Once you make that first step you will open the door to achieving your goal. Once you know what you are qualified for or not yet qualified for, then I can assist you in ways to keep moving forward to taking all the steps until you reach homeownership.

If you have more questions, it is absolutely no cost to you. Contact me now.

Noelle Morzan

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Noelle Morzan

Noelle Morzan is a native Floridian. She has lived in central Florida for 11 years. Noelle is very knowledgeable of the Orlando and the surrounding areas. She is married and has one daughter. Noelle b....

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